Elsie Hillman Civic Forum

Elsie Scholar Addresses, Rachel Bukowitz, Food Access and Security in Homewood

Rachel Bukowitz, Elsie Hillman Honors Scholar, partnered with the Homewood Children’s Village to address food access and security in the Homewood neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Through this partnership, Rachel developed the “Homewood Healthy Food and Gardening Access Guide,” which serves as a comprehensive resource on healthy food options available to residents. To develop the guide, Rachel and the Homewood Children’s Village talked with current residents to understand their relationship with and memories of food in their lives. They also spoke with organizations in Homewood that are working to bring fresh and healthy food into their neighborhood. Homewood Children’s Village community partners will distribute the access guide throughout Homewood. Rachel's guide can be downloaded here

Rachel's work was recently featured in a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article entitled "There is fresh produce out there -- and a new guide helps Homewood residents find it." To read the article and learn more about Rachel's work click here