Elsie Hillman Civic Forum

Student Programs

Institute of Politics Internship and Seminar

Offered through the Political Science Department, this program offers a 4-credit, letter-graded course that integrates internship and seminar components (PS 1910). 

Legislator for a Day

The Legislator for a Day program occurs each spring to provide undergraduate students with the unique opportunity to "shadow" a member of the Pennsylvania General Assembly.

Elsie Hillman Honors Scholars Program

The Elsie Hillman Honors Scholars program will encourage civic engagement, scholarship, and academic research on social issues, empowering students to be involved in research that can create positive social change locally and build leadership capacity in the students themselves.

Never a Spectator Campus Event

The Never a Spectator campus event is a unique opportunity for Pitt students to network with some of the regions most prominent leaders.

Elsie Hillman Leader-in-Residence

In collaboration with the Johnson Institute for Leadership, the Elsie Forum is developing a “leader-in-residence” program that will bring a prominent person to the University of Pittsburgh to provide the Pitt community with insights on the importance of strong leadership development and civic engagement. Coming soon in 2017.

Institute of Politics Intership

The Institute of Politics is looking for motivated students to help Institute staff on public policy research projects and event management on critical issues facing Southwestern Pennsylvania through the Institute of Politics Internship program.

Ambassadors for Civic Engagement

The Ambassadors for Civic Engagement program will seek to connect learning objectives in the classroom with meeting community needs through robust long-term experiential and academic projects that address a critical community and/or policy issue.