Delphie Backs

I am a senior Applied Developmental Psychology student enrolled in Pitt’s accelerated Masters of Elementary Education program. Upon graduation, I am interested in teaching English abroad as well as teaching in an urban district in the US. I am passionate about working with children and making a positive impact on their life — an impact that has the potential to inspire them to love themselves more, treat others kindly, and stand up for what is right. I love what I do, and I am thrilled to begin student teaching this year. 

I have worked and volunteered in several different school districts throughout my life. I loved all my experiences, however the inequalities I have observed across schools are impossible to ignore. Because public schools are funded by local taxes, schools in areas of lower socioeconomic status have less resources and support for students, resulting in more behavioral issues, cases of chronic absenteeism, and higher dropout rates. During my time as an Elsie Scholar, I am interested in addressing inequalities in education because each student deserves a safe, holistic, and inspiring education, regardless of their parents' income. Education is power; it has the potential to transform us individually, and as a world at large.