Livia LaMarca

Livia LaMarca is a sophomore from a small town an hour outside of Chicago studying political science and sociology at the University of Pittsburgh. She has had a long time passion in the civil rights discourse of American politics, with reproductive rights being at the forefront of her interests. As a writer for the Pitt News and a member of the ACLU Club at the University of Pittsburgh, Livia has never shied away from the confusing and often frustrating conversation of access to reproductive healthcare in this country. In the aftermath of the Supreme Court case Dobbs versus Jackson Women’s Healthcare, Livia is looking forward to an interesting school year learning more about the issue and how it'll affect those in the Pittsburgh area. She will be keeping a keen eye on the upcoming November election, as the outcome of that is sure to sway the direction of her research.

With aspirations to pursue a joint JD/MA post undergrad, she is looking forward to an exciting and insightful school year alongside the other Elsie Hillman Honors Fellows.