Elsie Hillman Leader-in-Residence

Program in Development

In collaboration with the Johnson Institute for Responsible Leadership develop a “leader-in-residence” program that would bring a prominent person to Pittsburgh from two weeks to four months to give seminars, meet with students and faculty, be available as a community resource, and generally provide us with insights on the importance of strong leadership development, public service and civic engagement.

There are several things that would make this type of partnership appealing to the Elsie Forum:

  • Partnering with Johnson Institute, a highly regarding leadership development program.  
  • Affiliating with a national figure that can elevate the visibility, credibility, interests in both the Elsie Forum and Johnson Institute
  • In the area of leadership development, Elsie stands as a great power of example of collaborative leadership. As such, an affiliation with the Johnson Institute for Responsible Leadership would require that students involved in the “leader-in-residence” program read Never A Spectator:  The Political Life of Elsie Hillman, undertake an analysis of the qualities and character of leadership of Mrs. Hillman and examine these characteristics in their own leadership style. (A study guide is under development.)
  • Criteria to identify exemplary leader-in-residence candidates should include a look at national figures in the policy domains of interest to Mrs. Hillman. This is a broad swath in that Mrs. Hillman’s interests hit most social justice, political, and economic parity issues. 
  • Students who would be involved in this program would be identified as Elsie Hillman Fellows.