2018-2019 Elsie Honors Scholars

Courtney Davenport

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Major(s)/Minor(s)/Certificate(s): Health Services with focus in Managing Health Services Programs and Projects

Hometown: Warren, OH

Civic Engagement Passion: Courtney wants to focus on education equity and financial literacy.

Community Partner: Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh

Project Title: Increasing Financial Inclusion in Underrepresented Communities

Kathryn Fleisher

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Major(s)/Minor(s)/Certificate(s): Politics & Philosophy and Gender, Sexuality, & Women's Studies/Minor in Creative Writing

Hometown: Cleveland, OH

Civic Engagement Passion: Kathryn is passionate about ensuring that unheard voices are heard, that hidden injustice is brought to light, and that all those who are disadvantaged, such as girls, women, immigrants, or refugees, get a fair shot at a happy and healthy life.

Community Partner: Welcoming Pittsburgh, Office of Mayor William Peduto

Project Title: An Even More Welcoming Pittsburgh: Enhancing Meaningful Immigrant & Refugee Inclusion Practices

Scott Glaser

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Major(s)/Minor(s)/Certificate(s): Political Science/International & Area Studies

Hometown: Peekskill, New York

Civic Engagement Passion: Scott believes that a central part of a healthy life is stable housing, and he is committed to finding ways to make it more affordable in Pittsburgh.

Community Partner: ACTION Housing

Project Title: Re-imagining Affordable Housing in Pittsburgh: Lessons from American Cities

Zuri Kent-Smith

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Major(s)/Minor(s)/Certificate(s): Africana Studies-Philosophy

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Civic Engagement Passion: Zuri is passionate about the environmental health and justice of marginalized communities. The Black community, along with other communities, has faced a plethora of policy attacks that have negatively impacted the environment in which they live. This has lead to several negative outcomes including reduced health and increased crime. But using policy and advocacy to expose these injustices, while also changing the material conditions of communities, he hopes to equip them with the skills to be self-sufficient advocates.

Community Partner: Pennsylvania Environmental Council 

Project Title: Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Review

Teresa Leatherow

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Major(s)/Minor(s)/Certificate(s): Supply Chain Management and Business Information Systems/Certificate in Sustainability with concentrations in Industrial and Environmental engineering

Hometown: Cranberry Township, PA

Civic Engagement Passion:
Teresa is driven to challenge the way climate change is perceived, discussed, and understood through science-based communication and interdisciplinary collaboration and leadership to create a socially and environmentally sustainable community.

Community Partner: Traffic 21 – CMU

Project Title: Sustainability and Transportation: Building the Systems of Tomorrow

Saket Rajprohat

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Major(s)/Minor(s)/Certificate(s): Marketing/Political Science

Hometown: Moon Township, PA

Civic Engagement Passion: Saket believes that focusing on our youth and minority groups is a powerful way to shape civic engagement for the future. Because he has been afforded the opportunities to be successful, he feels obligated to ensure those in his community have the same opportunity.

Community Partner: Denny Civic Solutions

Project Title: Ensuring Funding for Pennsylvania First Episode Programs (FEP)

Daniel R. Walsh

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Major(s)/Minor(s)/Certificate(s): Mathematical Biology / Studio Arts, Chemistry / Global Studies

Hometown: Havertown, PA

Civic Engagement Passion: Daniel holds regards the importance of mental health as a whole, but specifically the issue of adolescent depression and suicide. He understands how many people in this world are suffering in silence, and hopes to give a voice to those in need.

Community Partner: PERSAD Center

Project Title: A Comprehensive LGBTQ Resource Guide for Allegheny County