2019-2020 Elsie Hillman Honors Scholars

Wendeline Frederic

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Major: Health Services; Minor: Sociology; Certificate: Health Assessment

Hometown: Coatesville, PA

Civic Engagement Passion: Wendeline is passionate about seeking ways to proactively address the leading health concerns in her community and ensuring health equity. 

Community Partner: Healthy Start, Inc.

Maureen Hartwell

Majors: Political Science and History

Hometown: Middletown, PA

Civic Engagement Passion: Maureen believes that the City of Pittsburgh can and should become an enviornmental example in the nation.

Community Partner: Women for a Healthy Environment

Rachel Hopkins

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Majors: Psychology & Sociology; Minor: Social Work

Hometown: Bucks County, PA

Civic Engagement Passion: Rachel is passionate about addressing mental health and education disparities in the Black community.

Community Partner: Steel Smiling

Grace Nelson

Majors: Political Science and English Literature; Certificates: Global Studies and Latin American Studies

Hometown: West Chester, PA

Civic Engagement Passion: Grace is committed to better understanding the ways in which people of all identities communicate with their candidates, institutions, and each other in political contexts and to supporting more accessible avenues for productive and inclusive conversation, especially in an increasingly digitized society. 

Community Partner: Literacy Pittsburgh

Samuel Ressin

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Majors: Economics and Statistics; Minor: Political Science

Hometown: Vienna, VA

Civic Engagement Passion: Sam's focus is to push for policies that encourage the creation of a low-carbon economy. 

Community Partner: Pennsylvania Environmental Council

Jess Scott

Major: Political Science; Minors: Administration of Justice, Economics, and History

Hometown: Mt. Lebanon, PA

Civic Engagement Passion: Jess believes that focusing on our youth and education is a powerful way to shape civic engagement now and for the future.

Community Partner: Allies for Children

Chinmayi Venkatram

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Major: Sociology; Minor: Chemistry; Certificate: Global Studies

Hometown: Ardsley, NY

Civic Engagement Passion: Chinmayi is passionate about women's health and reproductive rights.

Community Partner: Center for Victims