Daniel Walsh

Daniel is an avid traveler. In the past twenty years, he has been to sixteen countries across five continents. In high school, he won the class superlative for ‘Most Likely to Travel the World’ after he was an exchange student in Germany in his sophomore year. Keeping on this path as a world traveler, he was fortunate to do a multi-country study abroad program in China, Australia, and Argentina in the Spring of 2018. At Pitt, he majors in mathematical biology, which has taught him how to use logic to break down a problem into its fundamental parts in order to find a solution. These problems stretch from mathematical proofs all the way to biological queries. In order to find relief from the arduous study of mathematics and logic, he engages his creativity by pursuing a minor in studio arts. It’s a way for him to express his ideas, thoughts, and stories outside of the confines of logic and just let his mind flow.