Saket Rajprohat

Saket is going into his 4th year at the University of Pittsburgh, studying Marketing at the College of Business Administration and minoring in Political Science with a focus on International Relations. During his time at Pitt, he has served on the board of several student organizations.  He first served on the board of Facilitating Opportunities for Refugee Growth Empowerment (FORGE) where he worked with refugees to assist in their integration into the Pittsburgh community. He also currently serves as the Chair of the Asian Pacific Islander American Vote Initiative (APIA) through South Asian Student Association (SASA). In his role as chair, his goal with his committee is focused on increasing voter participation amongst Asian and Pacific Islanders populations for the upcoming midterm and presidential elections. Saket has also worked at the Pitt News as a Senior Columnist, writing about national politics and social issues here and off campus. Currently, Saket serves on the board of Pitt Civics, a student-led effort to create a center for civic engagement at the University of Pittsburgh.

Outside of campus, Saket has dedicated numerous hours to political action, with focus on the Coordinate Campaign of Pennsylvania during the 2016 Presidential Election. During this period, Saket worked with a team of volunteers to register over 125,000 people to vote in the Pittsburgh area. Because of his work as one of the campaigns top performing fellows, he was chosen to represent the University of Pittsburgh in introducing the former First Lady of the United States, Mrs. Michelle Obama, during her visit in 2016. After the election, Saket began research through PittHonors on the role of corporations and political campaigns in encouraging millennial civic engagement. In addition to this work, Saket began working with the local Moon Twp. Democratic Party to found the Young Democrats of West Hills, a group hoping to bring greater attention to millennial and post-millennials about the importance of voting.

For work, Saket serves as a Licensing Intern at Thread International, PBM, where he works to bring responsibly sustainable fabrics to large corporations in the fashion and merchandising industries. He also works at Goldstein & Associates, LLM as a marketing intern. During his time there, he has been pivotal in the firm's rise to becoming the most highly rated immigration law firm in Pennsylvania, bringing awareness to immigration issues and affordable solution to the immigration populations of the United States. Saket is excited to be joining the Elise Hillman Scholars program to further his understanding the world, focusing on work with millennial civic engagement.