Tyler Viljaste

Tyler Viljaste is a rising Junior pursuing a dual degree in Politics&Philosophy and Finance. In his time at Pitt, he has found a home on the Parliamentary Debate team, Eat@Pitt, Student Government Board (as a member of the First Year Council, then as the chair of the Community and Governmental Relations committee, and now as the Vice President and Chief of Cabinet for the upcoming board), Phi Alpha Delta, and as a brother of Beta Theta Pi. He has conducted independent research with professors in the Political Science Department as well as the Law School. He is a former Brackenridge Research Fellow, where he conducted research on the Country Lawyer and has presented his research at various events. He is also a Keefe Congressional fellow through the honors college and has worked as a UN Sustainable Development Goals Fellow for the city of Pittsburgh. He has also interned with the Pittsburgh Commission on Human Relations since the start of his Freshman year. Tyler is deeply passionate about combatting discrimination and systemic inequality, working for a more just future and validating the humanity of all.