Wendeline Frederic

Wendeline is a senior at Pitt majoring in Health Service, minoring in Sociology and seeking a certificate in Community Health Assessment. Prior to attending college Wendeline always aspired to be in the position to help others. Initially, she had hopes of pursuing a career as a nurse. However, after learning more about health disparities and inequity in the black community, she sought a different career path. Looking into the field of public health, Wendeline gravitated towards a career as an epidemiologist. She enjoyed its investigatory aspects and proactive approach to reducing negative health outcomes. 

Preceding her junior year Wendeline was fortunate enough to intern at the Chester County Health Department alongside the Disease Investigation and Surveillance team. While there she saw first-hand how public health officials tackled infectious disease reports as they came in. Although Wendeline's primary area of interest is seeking ways to address leading health concerns in the black community like infant and maternal mortality, the adrenaline she experienced while interning helped confirm her interests in public health. 

Through PittServes and Pitt's Community Engagement Center Wendeline served as a community assistant at Macedonia FACE, a non-profit organization that seeks to encourage the development of healthy families, during her junior year. While there she was able to see the direct impact of civic engagement. With Macedonia FACE she mentored young girls at University Prep and assisted in completing the administrative duties for several of the programs provided by FACE to the community. This experience led her to seek greater responsibility in student-run civic engagement opportunities; thus during the upcoming year she will serve as the Logistics Chair for Pitt's Signature Day of Service, PMADD. 
Wendeline is excited to participate as an Elsie Hillman Honors Scholar and become more of an asset to her community as she continues 
to engage and foster healthy relationships with those around her.